Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

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Product Description

Send a discreet spring loaded glitter bomb to friends, family, or someone you don’t like! Each glitter bomb is carefully crafted by hand with only the receivers name on the package. This preserves your anonymity. Each glitter bomb has a secret spring loaded glitter compartment that ejects glitter the moment it is opened. We use extra fine glitter for maximum exposure.



  • Discreet Glitter Compartment: Each spring loaded glitter bomb has a hidden glitter compartment that is sealed & spring loaded. It appears like normal delivery tube.
  • Hand Written: We hand write the address of the receiver on each glitter bomb tube as opposed to stamping the address. This ensures that your recipient opens the letter promptly.
  • Fast Processing: We carefully create each glitter bomb by hand without leaving the trace of glitter on the outside or the tube. The end result is an abundance of glitter all over your recipient.

Add On Options

  • Double Glitter – We will discreetly pack away double the amount of glitter inside your manila envelope.
  • Handwritten Note – We will hand write a note of your choosing inside your glitter bomb. Profanity is ok. (No death threats or any act of violence.)
  • Tracking Number – We will provide a tracking number so you can track your package to it’s receiver.
  • Double Trouble – We will send a duplicate glitter bomb to a different person of your choice. (Please leave second name and address on order notes.)


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